How To Prep Your Skin For Long Lasting Foundation
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Ask any painter and they will tell you that the canvas you choose matters just as much as the paint and brushes. Since your skin is our canvas, we want you to have all the information that you need for … Read More

Product Review: Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance
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Although you wouldn’t know it from looking out your window, Summer is just around the corner. The rainy April weather has us holed up inside still wearing sweaters, but our daydreams are all about the sun and the beach and … Read More

Watch Faye on Pocket LIVE
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If you’re like us and have binge-watched your way through all of your favourite shows (maybe even twice) you’re always on the lookout for something new to watch. Well good news! Faye has partnered with PocketLIVE to bring you fresh … Read More

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