2014 Hairstyles by Faye!

2014 Hairstyles by Faye!

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IMG_20140629_172241Now that the 2014 wedding season is slowing down, it gives us an opportunity to look back at the all amazing hairstyles we got to style for our brides!

IMG_20140627_105624 IMG_20140626_214409

Wedding hairstyles are something that you are going to see for the rest of your life. Having a hairstyle that you love for your wedding day is so important!
(Who wants to look back at their wedding photo’s and see a horrendous hair style? Not us!)

IMG_20140624_125735 IMG_20140623_132803

While we love updo’s, having your hair half up, half down is absolutely gorgeous. The style frames the brides beautiful face, while also adding that something different than how they style their hair everyday.

IMG_20140621_172153 IMG_20140621_091240

If you do decide on an updo, make sure it’s not a hairstyle that pulls your hair so far back that all you can make out is the shape of your skull! A voluminous updo with intricate details is stunning! Everyone at your wedding will compliment you on your amazing hairstyle!

IMG_20140616_163936 IMG_20140615_115216

IMG_20140528_113446 IMG_20140521_095938

Remember -It’s your day, you can have as many hairstyles as you want! Why not have a stunning updo for your ceremony, and then a flattering half up, half down (or even all down) for your reception?

IMG_20140521_091525 IMG_20140519_133619

IMG_20140515_140322 IMG_20140515_132617

Adding accessories to any hairstyle for your big day is also a wonderful idea! It gives the the style a much more elegant look, and can even replace a veil.

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