3 Reasons To Hire A Pro For Your Wedding Day Hair And Makeup

3 Reasons To Hire A Pro For Your Wedding Day Hair And Makeup

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Lets get this out of the way, as a makeup and hair service OF COURSE we would say you should hire a professional for your wedding. However, I was once a bride and I'd like to tell you why you need to bring in a pro from the other side of the brush...

You have no idea how you'll be feeling.

The morning of my wedding I was a bundle of nerves, emotions and jitters. Normally I am excellent under pressure, but by 11:00 am my bridesmaids had forcibly put a glass of wine in my hand and were coaching me through breathing exercises. It was clear I was overwhelmed. I wasn't alone, according to a survey by fearcourse.com, 71% of brides-to-be suffered from some type of nerves during the build-up to their wedding. Unsurprisingly, 92% of brides experienced nerves on the day of the wedding or the evening before. My hands were shaky, my mind was going at a mile a minute trying to work out last minute details. I can only imagine what my eyeliner would have looked like had I done it myself...

You need a break. Seriously.

I'm not usually a fan of having my makeup or hair done. As an artist myself I lack the ability to let go of the wheel and let someone else style me without putting my 2 cents in every step of the way. On my wedding day it was a totally different story. Having my hair and makeup done was like a mini vacation in the middle of the craziness. For a few hours, someone else was busy, someone else knew what was going on, and I was breathing because I had nothing else to do. I had already had a trial of both my hair and makeup, so I had already gotten all my opinions out in the open. Someone put food in my mouth, I was in heaven.

relaxing-gif-2015                                                                    Tell 'em Honey Boo Boo
Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists know how stressful weddings can be and a large part of their job is making you feel at ease. They are masters of cool. They know how much you need calm in the midst of the wedding storm.

Someone/everyone is going to be taking your picture. All day. The whole day.

Looking at the back of your head is physically impossible without a mirror, and even then, it's not easy. The chances of you catching that one rouge hair pin that's sticking out are slim when you're on your own. You know who is going to catch that rogue hair pin? Anyone and everyone with a camera.


Say cheese!!

    Your style team knows how to hide those pesky pins and keep you looking fresh from the I dos through cocktail hour and all the way into your limo at the end of the night. They also know what your makeup is going to look like from behind the camera. In this age of contouring, you desperately need someone who is going to keep you from looking like a flesh colored version of the Na'vi from Avatar. Your makeup artist will probably come with a prepared touch up kit, so even after you and your partner have smeared your wedding cake all over each other's faces you'll be able to finish the night looking flawless.

    At the end of the day, you will thank your lucky stars to have a team looking after your look so you can focus all of your attention on marrying the love of your life. I know I did.

Christa Lalonde


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