A Beautiful Blonde Bride

A Beautiful Blonde Bride

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f637e893-7eba-4fd7-9c12-5a8ba71741a5This has to be one of our favorite hairstyles from the 2015 bridal season!
Faye Smith and beauty team member Kym headed out to get this bride, her bridesmaids and her mother ready for a beautiful wedding!

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Faye styled the bride and her mother, while Kym styled the bridesmaids.
Braids and natural makeup were huge in the 2015 season, and we have to say – this bride completely captured that look!

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Every little detail in this wedding was bang on – the flowers went perfectly with the decor and style of the wedding. The bride’s pearl necklace paired beautifully with her gorgeous gown, and the photographers – D’Soleil Photography did an unreal job capturing moments from this wedding!

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How fun are behind the scene photos during the morning of a crazy, hectic wedding day? It’s always fun to see all the in progress photos, and then the final product at the end of the morning!

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