A Couple Days Left…

A Couple Days Left…

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With Halloween being this week – you may have forgotten to book an appointment with us, but don’t worry! We have you covered.
If you don’t know by now (you must be hiding under a rock) but there is this heavenly little place called YouTube that has quite a few “beauty guru’s” who have Halloween tutorials which offer step by step direction on how to get that fierce makeup look you’ve been wanting this Halloween season!

One of our favorites is Vancouver’s very own Batalash Beauty.. Sam and Dom nail a ton of different looks! Even better – most of the items they use, you will have in your makeup collection!

Check out Sam’s Halloween Transformation bel;ow, and check out some more looks on their YouTube Channel.

Not only are these ladies funny, but their makeup artistry is out of this world!

Another awesome beauty Guru to keep an eye on during this Halloween week is Nicole Guerriero – another makeup artist living in the states..

Let us know in the comments below what you are being for this year’s Halloween festivities!

**Photo Courtesy of Samantha Ravndahl Instagram**

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