A Gift of Beauty..

A Gift of Beauty..

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Who doesn’t love hair and makeup? Bridesmaid Tianna Tran relieved some of the bride’s stress of finding an artist and treated her to beautiful makeup & hair for her wedding day.
This was definitely on of this bridal season’s weddings to remember. Faye Smith, lead stylist/owner of Faye Smith Makeup & Hair arrived bright and early to make sure bride, Tiffani was ready and beautified for her big day at the Riverway Golf Club (and by early – we are talking 5am early..)


Now – being a makeup & hairstylist can be a tough job, we have to suck it up through thick and thin, and through sickness as well.. After denying being sick for a couple days, Faye then realized days before she had the oh so famous and glorious flu. If you know Faye, you know that most definitely would not stop her from making sure Tiffani had perfect makeup & hair for her big day. With distance from the bride (to make sure she wouldn’t get sick) and in a quiet zone, with the sweats and spins- Faye styled Tiffani’s makeup and hair and look how amazing it turned out! (See – when booking with Faye Smith Makeup & Hair – you are guaranteed to get dedicated artists who really love their job!)


The photography was shot by the very talented L’Estelle Photography and the bridesmaids makeup & hair was done by Tianna Tran (makeup) and Aura Reed (hair)

Also – we’re sure you’ve noticed by now – but check out this photo booth! The unique, vintage-antique feel was gorgeous and a perfect area for photos!

A big thanks goes to Tianna Tran for treating her bestie to makeup and hair!

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