A Happy Bride, A Happy Artist

A Happy Bride, A Happy Artist

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We’ve mentioned it before, and we will mention it again, makeup & hair is our passion, we absolutely love what we do!
Brides don’t always have it easy, they have visions in their heads of their perfect wedding day, and finding the perfect makeup artist is definitely one of the big ones!

This stunning bride, Golnaz came to us after a number of bad trials (we seem to get a lot of these..)

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Makeup artists, if you are truly passionate and love your job – all it takes is a little time, care and most importantly – LISTEN! Listen to exactly what your bride is looking for. With these things – you will have a happy (and beautiful!) bride!


Golnaz wanted a soft, yet smokey eye that would be somewhat natural looking, she wanted something that would make her eyes pop and be perfect for her eye shape, and that’s exactly what we went with, and she looked absolutely beautiful! For her hair, she wanted a soft, romantic updo – and not to be to cocky, but damn! We did a great job and she was thrilled!

**A Happy bride, AND a happy artist!**

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose

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