A Mother’s Day Special…

A Mother’s Day Special…

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What better way to treat your Mom, than a day of pampering!
Let’s be honest here – Mom’s have one of the hardest jobs (if not the hardest)  in the world

They cared for you growing up, made sure you got to all of your lessons on time, cooked those amazing (and maybe not so amazing) meals, made sure you had lunch for school, and of course – embarrassed you infront of all of your friends..  (my favorite is the “make good choices!” call out I get from my mom going out with friends, or the boyfriend.. never awkward..)


This mother’s day Faye Smith, lead stylist of Faye Smith Makeup & Hair is treating all you lucky mothers out there to a day of pampering!

When: Sunday May 8th 2016
Where: 336 1st Ave East, Vancouver (Faye’s studio)
How Much: $100
(This gets you a full makeup and hair application with individual lashes!)

Here’s our perfect mother’s day idea…
Wake up, make breakfast for your mom or go to her favourite breakfast place, head over to Faye Smith Makeup & Hair to get her all dolled up for a fun adventurous day with you!

Make this Mother’s day one to remember, and book a spot now!
To book – contact us at 778-788-3552 or e-mail us at contact@fayesmithmakeup.com

We look forward to seeing you and your mama’s!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose

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