A Munchkins and Mowhawk’s Shoot

A Munchkins and Mowhawk’s Shoot

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Maternity shots have been huge lately.. but let’s not forget about shoots as your children get older!
Munchkins and Mohawks is an amazing photography company who specializes in these exact shoots! Faye Smith was fortunate enough to team up with them for this adorable shoot.

There truly is no better way to document your child’s (and your’s) journey throughout childhood, than hiring a photographer to capture all of life’s joyous moments with your children. We all know a photographer can’t be with your family 24/7 – so why not hire Munchkins and Mowhawks for a couple hours?
(and let’s be honest, there’s really no staging needed for these types of photographs! Children are creative, hyper and can provide such excitement for this type of thing!)

Have you ever had a photoshoot with your children? Share pictures with us in the comments below!

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