A Very talented woman…

A Very talented woman…

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You’ve probably seen her name around our blogs recently, and if not – let us introduce Michelle Doherty!
Michelle and Faye met a while back when Faye posted on Facebook inquiring about a videographer to collaborate with for her Makeup Forever entry shoot (photo’s to come soon..) She has since approached Faye with the idea of collaborating on youtube videos! Faye and Michelle are now a YouTube video making duo (to see our most recent video – click here) and we couldn’t be happier with her work. She is phenomenal, and we absolutely love her!


Not only is Michelle an amazing photographer (check out her work here) but she is also an amazing videographer, Opera Singer, and a beautiful Mommy of soon to be 5 gorgeous children!

Makeup & Hair done by Faye Smith
Photography by: Brandon Hart Photography

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose

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