AJ Ives & Friends Graduation

AJ Ives & Friends Graduation

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AJ Ives & Friends Graduation



Much like Jolie, who I wrote about 2 blogs ago, I had began contact AJ Ives back in early 2010. I had been forwarded her information by Monica who has also been mentioned on a number of occassion throughout my blog postings. AJ had contacted Monica through a website called makeup artist listings and was in search of a makeup and hair artist to pamper her on the day of her graduation.

I contacted AJ right away via email and we had been writing to one another ever since. AJ booked for hair and makeup for herself and two friends. The graduation date finally arrived on Friday 14th May 2010. Her location was out in north vancouver. I had not yet traveled here during my stay in Canada. I planned by transit route in detail as I do for every job. Taking the first bus was fine. I walk to the next bus stop. I read the bus time schedule and see I have 10 minutes to wait. 10 minutes go by. 20 minutes go by. A number of buses go by. 30 minutes go by! I finally give in and ask a bus driver if he knew where the number 253 was and why it was so late.
“Oh, that bus doesnt come by this stop at this time. Hop on my bus and I will take you to an altnerate stop”. Great! I was now in a mad panic over the fact I might be late. The bus driver took me over the Lionsgate Bridge and dropped me off at Park Royal, telling me to get the 250. I ask another bus driver where I can get to 250. I was in the right spot, but I had missed the bus and the next one wasnt for another 50 minues! 11.20am at this point and my booking beginning at noon…I am never late!!! I have been known to be an hour early before! I am always ridiculously early! What a stress!


I had no choice but to call AJ to her tell her my problem. Of course, she could tell I am a little distressed.
“I just got out of school. I will come and get you. Stay where you are. I will be a few minutes…” I was so relieved to hear those words. Before I knew it she was pulling up behind me and waving me over. I thanked her and thanked her once again. It wasn’t a big deal to her. The stress was over. Phew!

Arriving at her house at 11.50am, just on time for me to set up my kit and get started at noon as planned, we were on schedule! A mircale in my books! I began putting rollers into her friend, Kathryn’s hair (seen above, left) and then began her makeup. Beautiful browns and shimmers. Nothing complicated. Nothing over done. Perfect for a day event. I left her in her rollers while I began on her next friends makeup and hair (seen above, right). A similar style makeup and an up-do for the hair this time. Braids down either side. Pinned up in twists at the back and bangs left loose around the front. Very elegant but the braids keep the youth.
I unrolled Kathryns hair and did a half-up, half-down look. Full bangs left straight at the front and a gorgeous lace bow to add detail. I love bows! I was always a bow addict when I were their age. Does that sentence make me sounds old…?

AJ was the last to get her hair and makeup done as her friends had to scoot off a little earlier to get the venue ready. AJ’s hair style was similar to Kathryn’s so we began with hot rollers. While they were left to cool, I applied the makeup. We went a little more daring with the makeup using bronzes and even a hint of emerald green in the eyes to tie in with her dress. A bronze lip to match. Beautiful! After taking the rollers out I pinned up half and twisted it around the back. The images do not show the detail but it was stunning. Delicate.

It was a pleasure to work with AJ and her friends and the morning, once getting over the rush, was tons of fun!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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