Amanda Ventura Clothing

Amanda Ventura Clothing

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Amanda Ventura Clothing

My name was given as a referal to clothing designer, Amanada Ventura, in regards to her upcoming, promotional photo shoot. I was happy to receive the outline for the makeup design and was pleasantly surprised by Amanda’s deviation from the usual beauty makeup. She asked that a white lace print was airbrushed on the side of each of the models face. In shock, I respond, “Of course I can do that! Glady!”.

I had Amanda send me inspiration pictures of the hair and makeup designs she had in mind, along with fabric swatches, sketches of the garments we would be shooting and pictures of the models who would be posing for us. With awareness of the fact that we had 20 outfits to shoot, I wanted to be sure I was as organised as possible.

Our photographer was Anthony Bortolussi, a male photographer who is well acquainted with Amanada. On arrival to shoot, we got right into the swing of things. I already had one model ready with her makeup on and her hot rollers in. Our second model was to arrive shortly.

To be sure the makeup would match with all of the outfits, I kept to nude, angelic colours that you simply can’t mismatch!

Amanada’s garments are simply stunning! All very unique, bold designs. I had noticed this quality of Amanda’s when looking on her website. I had noticed an adorable, red riding hood style coat with the hood so oversized, so high fashion yet…so wearable!

No wonder she is off to New York!

Unfortunately we had a small space to shoot in and had decided to restrict the amount of people in the shoot room at one time to only 3. The model, the designer and the photographer. This meant that I had to do quick touch ups from outside, everytime I saw a model was about to go on set again in her next outfit. Although I know photoshop is used to remove things like fly away hairs and shiny skin, I prefer to make the pictures as real as possible by fixing those small problems there and then before the picture is even taken.

If any models hair would fall out during the quick changes, I opted to change the style rather than simply putting the old style back in. This meant for more diversity in the pictures which I felt would really benefit Amanada when clients look through her portfolio.

We ended the night with the bridal gowns where we bought in all the fun props such as cup cakes, imitation wedding cakes, fancy drapes and more! A great way to end a perfect day.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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