An Amazing collaboration with Lorilee Keller Photography…

An Amazing collaboration with Lorilee Keller Photography…

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An Amazing collaboration with Lorilee Keller Photography…

There is nothing more fun than letting your mind wander and your imagination create the picture…

Lorilee Keller, the owner and photographer of La Novia Bridal, approached me with ideas for a collaboration. We met for coffee where she displayed tear sheet of inspiration…

I have worked with Lorilee numerous times before. I had met her over a year ago when spotting her search for makeup and hair artists to join her team working under La Novia Bridal, Lorilee’s new business. I had spent a lot of time with her on photoshoots, bridal gigs and simply brain storming business ideas…

I knew Lorilee had great talent when it came to photography and I always love her ideas for shoots. I adored the tear sheets she presented me. I think most people know how much I love to “get wild” with my makeup. This shoot was definetly for me!

With plans to submit the images produced during this shoot to various magazines such as my favourite, NOISE Magazine, I wanted to make sure the hair and makeup was perfect. Above and beyond anything I had ever done before.

Lorilee had organised hair and makeup, a great model, a wild costume designer and scouted numerous spots to shoot. I appreciate her effort and planning and adore the shots we have created.

I am proud to have this work in my portfolio, on my blog and hopefully soon to be in some magazines. Bring on more ideas Lorilee…let’s do it again!


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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