An Amazing Love Story..

An Amazing Love Story..

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We cannot get over how adorable and romantic this is!
Meet Sandra and James! Sandra and James entered a contest we were a part of with Simply Rose Photography, Sweetheart Events and Bespoke Decor Rentals, and were picked as winners!

After getting makeup & hair done by Faye Smith Makeup & Hair, they headed off to their photo shoot with Simply Rose Photography, and nobody had any idea of what was going to happen next!

In the words of Rose from Simply Rose Photography..
” I had our route all planned out as I always do – a list of locations to travel to and we first started at the Love Wall, a mural installation at the Arts Umbrella. What a great first spot! We hung out here for a bit and as we were finishing up here to move to our next spot by the water, James insisted he have a few photos with him in his jacket. I initially thought this was a bit weird and said OK. So he put his camel coloured jacked on and went to embrace Sandra. I had to pause a moment because I kind of wasn’t expecting this and took a few seconds to regroup and ponder my next creative move. And then James said, “I have something to ask Sandra.”

That’s right! Being the smart man he is, James used this amazing opportunity to ask the love of his life to marry him!!

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Immediately this turned into an engagement shoot! Men reading this – take note! This was such a special moment for both James and Sandra, Sandra thought she was just going to get photo’s taken with her man, and then bam! Next thing she knows, she is engaged to the love of her life!
What makes this even more special is that nobody had any idea James was going to propose! What a suprise!

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Congratulations you two! We are so happy we got to be a part of such a memorable and exciting day!

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