Andrea’s Post Wedding Celebration

Andrea’s Post Wedding Celebration

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Andrea’s Post Wedding Celebration


After speaking with Andrea on the phone, I knew right away we would get on like hot cakes! We scheduled a trial date so she could see my work first hand as well as do the ol’ meet ‘n’ greet thang!

I absolutely loved Andrea from the moment I shook her hand. Easy to talk to, relaxed, calm and sweet. The perfect client if you ask me!
On the day of Andrea’s post wedding celebration, we met her and her family in Sandman Suite Hotel on Davie Street…a beautifully decorated hotel might I add. What a gorgeous family! Each and every one of them. You Chicago gals were a pleasure to spend time with! Not only for your looks…of course.

Thank you Mika Does Makeup for lending your wonderful airbrush skills to us. Thanks Anrea for having us. Keep in touch!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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