Annabelle’s Wedding

Annabelle’s Wedding

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What a year 2015 was! We met so many unbelievably gorgeous brides – and Annabelle was no exception!
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Annabelle’s Mom was actually the one to enquire with us for her daughter’s wedding. Although Faye was unfortunately unavailable for the wedding day, she was able to book her in with one of our former artists, Aura. Annabelle had her trial on the day of her bridal shower and Faye pampered her Mom at the same time. Just for fun ;-P

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On the wedding day, Aura looked after the two of their beauty needs. Here are some pictures taken at the bridal shower and also on the wedding day.
We have really begun to grow our reputation in the Persian community and we love working on these big, extravagant weddings. Bride and Mom go all out with their hair and makeup. Glam all the way!

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