Ayelet Naturals

Ayelet Naturals

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At Faye Smith Makeup & Hair we are all about our natural brands!
“Your skin is the body’s largest organ.  Ayelet Naturals knows the importance of keeping it healthy, strong and revitalized. Their holistic, pure approach to skin care has complexions of all tones and types glowing from the inside out.  Every batch of their products is handmade using only certified organically grown, wildcrafted food-grade ingredients that are free of damaging chemicals and toxins so skin is never irritated or inflamed.  Because they use only 100% natural preservatives and bio-active ingredients, it ensures maximum efficacy and encourages the skin to self-rejuvenate, similarly to how aerobic exercise supports your metabolism- Ayelet is like a gym for your skin!  ” – Ayelet Naturals

“Former chef Ayelet Meshulam, creator and founder of Ayelet Naturals, was searching for a skincare line that was pure, natural and effective yet gentle enough for her own sensitive skin conditions caused by an autoimmune neuromuscular disorder.  After her search was unsuccessful, Ayelet decided to create her own natural skincare remedies and holistic formulas. Her skin improved dramatically! And she wants to do the same for you.

Since the launch of her company, her business has grown tremendously, to the point at which some of her manufacturing equipment is no longer sufficient to produce her products for such a large demand.  She has now launched a funding campaign on Etsy to purchase powerful tools to make her luxurious skin care products on a larger scale.  The funds will also help her produce an exclusive line of facial masks- Super Fruits Antioxidant Mask, Activated Charcoal Clarifying Mask,  BioMarine Hydrating Mask or Triple Rose Rejuvenating Mask – that boast a myriad of benefits:

·       Deep Cleansing, Detoxifying, Exfoliating

·       Pore Decongesting, Refining, Clarifying

·       Replenishing, Hydrating, Rejuvenating

·       Enhance Collagen Production and Elasticity

·       Toning, Firming, Even Skin Tone

·       Brightening Complexion”

Since this brand is doing so much good for skin using natural products, why not help out with their funding!?

Mission: We are formulating an exclusive line of Facial Masks to provide a vital step in a good skin care regimen and the health of the skin, to fund the purchase of Avantco MX20 20 qt. Commercial Mixer + Lakeside 515 Mobile Stand, Funders will receive a facial mask(s) of their choice.” – Ayelet Naturals

She only has 16 days left of funding, and you bet that Faye will be reviewing some of these products! Head to her Esty page here for more details!

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Blog By: Shayla Rose

*Thank you to Jennifer Uy of ChicExecs PR for sending us this information!*

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