Beard Application

Beard Application

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Beard Application

Yukon had first emailed me a few months ago. His request? A beard.

Aged 23, Yukon is only able to grow a sporadic, patchy beard. He works for a corporate business and they wanted to use him in a promotional photo shoot and video footage for the company. They want him to look 30. Their solution? A very confincing, realistic beard.

I gave him all of the information he needed to know along with his options. A stick on beard would look ridiculous! Really, the only thing to do here is to hire a professional to hair lay everything single hair onto the face and create a temporary beard.

After months of deliberation, I received another email from Yukon informing me he would like to hire me for the service. I immediately took a trip to the special fx store to purchase all of the products I would need and spent the afternoon preparing the batches of hair. A long and tedius process but it would all be worth it in the end.

When it came to the application, it took us two hours to get it perfect, but in the end, the results are amazing!

How does a male make himself look 7 years older…? Come to Faye Smith Makeup to get your beard!

Faye Smith
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