Beauty Press’ Sea, Salt, Sun Saviors

Beauty Press’ Sea, Salt, Sun Saviors

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While we may not be ready for school to start and summer to come to an end, our skin and hair could be looking forward to it. All that time spent in the water, whether beach or pool, can wreak havoc on our hair leaving it dry, brittle and frankly, a little fried. Our skin has had melanin activated for months trying to protect it from the UVA and UVB rays from all that boating and SUP-ing. Sure a tan looks sporty and healthy, but truly it’s damaging to our skin.

Here are some suggestions to get ready for fall and recondition skin and hair. First, get a facial…an oxygenation or rejuvenation facial to be exact. This will help get summer out of the pores and leave it supple and radiant. Add a salt scrub body treatment while at the spa to help a fading tan will go out with a glow. Hair needs a trim and a deep condition at the shampoo bowl to set locks well on their way to a lustrous shine again. Weekly treatments at home for skin and hair help maintain the benefits of those pricier spa and salon treatments. Don’t forget to use SPF all year long, just because summer is dwindling down doesn’t mean the sun is as well. Our skin is exposed to the sun all year round so make sure to protect it all year round as well.

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