Beauty Press Topic – Who Has More Fun: Blondes, Brunettes, or Silver Foxes?

Beauty Press Topic – Who Has More Fun: Blondes, Brunettes, or Silver Foxes?

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Picking a hair color is about as personal of a choice as picking your significant other.

You can achieve any hair color, texture, length you desire at the drop of a visit to your favorite salon. The age-old question is who has more fun: blondes or brunettes? But why do we leave the mature silver foxes out of that question? For all we know, they could be having a much better time than all of us by being able to freely express themselves and how they feel.

The latest of hair color craze is non-permanent bold color streaks. Whether applied with a hair chalk, non-permanent colored spray or dye, a streak of color can add a pop of fun into your daily life. Easily wash the bold color off, making this option perfect if you want to take on a different look for a fun night out.

Lots of men and women choose to keep their hair color natural. What happens when you start to grey and want to hide the signs of aging? Thanks to brands like Color Wow and JONATHAN they make root cover ups available in today’s market. Making grey roots a thing of the past, just cover up and go.

Hair should be fun and look true to your style. We can’t hide our hair; it’s one of the first thing people notices on you. Experiment with different tones and treatments; embrace change of style for a lift in your self-confidence.

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