Beauty Press Topic of the Week – Beauty Products For Vacation!

Beauty Press Topic of the Week – Beauty Products For Vacation!

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Bon voyage! Let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t want to look great during vacation? Besides the daily beauty regimen and lots of sun protection, each bikini deserves the matching makeup! Beautypress presents a selection of holiday essentials.

Small is Beautiful!
Cream, shampoo, lotion, shower gel, or fragrance: Fortunately, we don’t have to waive our habitual care products during vacation. Just in time for the holiday season, numerous manufacturers also offer their best-selling products in functional small sizes – often sold as sets at a discounted price. This way, the cosmetic total care passes off totally fuss-free!


Above the Clouds
Many people are going to travel by plane. However, we are only allowed to take liquids in our carryon as long as they are in containers that hold no more than 100 ml. Hence, make sure to think about what are the most important products to take with you on board. A moisturizing cream should definitely be one of those products. If the skin is already irritated due to the holiday preparations, it may react to the low air humidity inside the plane with dryness and tension. Now, a rich cream helps balancing that moisture deficit.

Summer, sun, masked ball!
Once arrived at the travel destination, UV radiance, heat and dryness induce summer feelings, nevertheless, at the same time, they additionally stress the hair and skin. Now, they need some special attention: Masks that are available in special sachets are the ideal travel companions. Thanks to their small size, they don’t need much space and prove to be effective SOS measures in case hair and skin once again have sought up too much sun!

It’s a colorful world
Luckily, mascara, lipstick and eye shadow already come in a handbag format. When it comes to primer, bronzer and blush, it gets a bit trickier. It’s worth looking for some combo products that unify several benefits. Hence, a BB Cream is the perfect compromise of care and makeup. Instead of single eye shadows, rather pick an eye shadow palette, containing one’s favorite colors. A bronzer can also become a multi-talent as a replacement for bronzing powder, eye shadow and blush – it doesn’t get much simpler!

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