Beauty Press Topic of the Week -Spring/Summer 2015 Beauty Trends From Fashion Week

Beauty Press Topic of the Week -Spring/Summer 2015 Beauty Trends From Fashion Week

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Yes – we know it’s only February and we are blogging about the summer.. but we had to.
Spring and summer months couldn’t come soon enough as winter weathers right into 2015. Taking a look back at the Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week shows, we’ve rounded up the biggest trends in hair, makeup, and nails.

Texture is very relevant, but not in an over the top look. Simple styles but either silky sleek or wind blown wisps of hair showing through. Side braids with ruffled texture remained a staple during these seasons’ shows. Middle part, deep side part, or brushed back are your three rules of thumb. If hair has to go up, keep it in a relaxed updo- unless it’s a tight low bun that remained classic these seasons a la Dolce & Gabanna.

Less is more, and even less is even better. Take a cue from Marc Jacobs SS15 show where models were sent down the runway practically make-up free. Vibrant skin with natural tones on eyes and lips will have people believing you really “woke up like this”. If bold color is a must, do like CUTECIRCUIT and smolder eyes with a bright turquoise, but keep lips at a natural color. For bold color, the keyword is balance; pick either the eyes or lips to pop, but not both.

It’s time to down play nail art with simple sweeps of the polish brush to create a more classic design. Want some pizzazz to your manicure? Different color lines do the trick, swipe just one bright color line right below your French or the tip of the nail for an on trend and office appropriate manicure.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose

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