Beauty Press Topic Of The Week – The Joy of Giving: Gift Ideas for Christmas

Beauty Press Topic Of The Week – The Joy of Giving: Gift Ideas for Christmas

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Well – since we mentioned Halloween the other day, we may as well mention the “C” word as well..
As the Holidays are quickly approaching, you’re probably already thinking about what to get your loved ones. You can never go wrong with cosmetics or grooming supplies. Many retailers have limited edition gift sets gift sets which have taken the guess work out of shopping for the Holidays.

When shopping for women, here are a few gift ideas:
  • Red Lipstick: Red lipstick is a staple of nearly any woman’s wardrobe and you cannot go wrong with getting her something you know she is going to love and is always going to wear.
  • Neutral Eye Shadow Palette: Most women wear some form of eye shadow on a daily basis, and while not all women wear a color that stands out, a lot are wearing a neutral eye shadow throughout the day. Eye shadow is a flattering addition to any woman’s cosmetic regimen and the gift won’t go unappreciated.
When shopping for men, here are a few gift ideas:
  • Shaving Products: Razors and shaving cream are something every man needs and uses so it makes a perfect, sensible gift. Get him a nice shaving kit and he’s guaranteed to appreciate the thought and to not have to buy his own for once.
  • Dollar Shave Club: A monthly subscription that send men quality razors and shaving cream for as little as $1 per month.
  • Concealer: A lot of men are wearing concealer today and those who aren’t don’t know what they’re missing. It might not be something that you would think he’d want but once he uses it, if he isn’t already, he’ll love it and wonder how he lived without it before.
Gift ideas for men and women:
  • Fragrances: The holidays are the perfect time to give someone a new fragrance. During this time, many retailers have limited edition holiday fragrances that you can gift.
  • Beauty Box Subscription: Companies such as Birchbox, Monthly Express, or Glossybox send monthly boxes that have been curated to the needs and tastes of the subscriber – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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