Beauty Press Topic Of The Week – The Naked Mile – Nude Looks Made Easy

Beauty Press Topic Of The Week – The Naked Mile – Nude Looks Made Easy

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Less is more! It’s been a long-burning issue in the scene for some time, and it has what it takes to be a modern classic: the Nude Look.

Especially fashion designers rely on the “topless look” because it doesn’t distract from the styling itself so that only their latest creations are to the fore. What’s more, stars like Dakota Fanning, who don’t go for extravagant styling, show off their natural beauty this way. However, the concept of the Nude Look doesn’t mean to completely waive make-up or to apply as little as possible. Wearing make-up, and appearing flawless as if not wearing any make-up at all, is a high art that demands a little practice. beautypress explains how to copy the look step-by-step.
  1. A perfect Nude Look is natural, well cared, and enchants with its flawless complexion. Therefore, a perfect basis is of importance: tiny winkles of dryness are a taboo. After an appropriate moisturizing skincare, a foundation matching the skin tone is being applied. To cover tinier flaws, the face cream can simply be mixed with the liquid foundation, or a BB Cream can be applied as well. The more sensitive and blemished the skin, the more time is required to make up an even complexion. A thick layer of make-up should be applied by no means; the look is supposed to appear natural, and flecks, for instance, can shimmer through.
  1. Small flaws such as tiny spots, dark circles, or pigmentation marks are being covered with a concealer.
  1. The Nude Look doesn’t need a flamboyant make-up. After having curled the lashes with an eyelash curler, mascara, ideally a warm dark brown can be put on. Those who don’t want to waive eye shadow can pick subtle brown shades by applying light, flat brown to the movable lid and blending it properly. A slightly darker shade can also be applied to the eyelid fold, just as to the lower lash line.
  1. Natural freshness can be conjured by a hint of blush, e.g., in a warm brown shade. It is being applied on the highest point of the cheeks in order to shape the face without making it appear hollow-cheeked. In doing so, it is important to be mindful of a good transition to the complexion so that the cheeks appear naturally and freshly instead of too “angularly”. In summer, it is especially beautiful to highlight a warm skin tone by applying bronzer additionally.
  1. In order to get the “pure” Nude Look, the lips are being accented with a bit of foundation, otherwise, a subtle lip gloss or lipstick, e.g., in brown rosé, can be applied; eye-catching nuances, glitter particles, or dark lip liner are a no-no.
  1. Powder power: For the finish, transparent powder is being put on the T-zone to fix the look, and to take away any shine of the complexion. Don’t apply too much; otherwise the Look will be appearing mask-like and unfavorable.
 The Nude Look goes down a treat: One basis, many different looks
The Nude styling itself is beautifully natural, however, it can be the perfect basis for many different looks! If the lips are being emphasized strongly, e.g., with a hip berry shade, the rest of the make-up should refrain anyway. This is perfect, if the Nude Look was being made up for the everyday office life, and was supposed to be “pimped” for the closing time. The eyebrows can be highlighted equally to get a look à la Cara Delevingne that gives the face a nice frame.

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