Beauty Press topic – Travel Size Beauty

Beauty Press topic – Travel Size Beauty

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Seeing as Christmas is around the corner (yes – we just mentioned the C word..) lots of people will be going home for the holidays… check out this blog courtesy of beauty press for some great travel ideas!

Packing your carry-on for a weekend getaway and start to wonder how are you ever going to look fabulous all weekend with only 3 oz. or less of your beauty essentials? Packing must be the most grueling process of getting ready to go on vacation.

Lucky for us, more and more brands are offering their best sellers in a compact 3 oz. bottle making travel hassle free. It’s easy to want to clear out the travel size aisle of your nearest convenience store when the pressures of what to pack to maintain your flawless look kicks in. Fret not! We’ve compiled a list of the most essential travel size beauty products:

1) Facial Cleanser: An old faithful gentle daily cleanser that you know works well for your skin type.

2) Facial Moisturizer: Bonus points if yours contains SPF! Don’t skip on this, feeding skin the properties it needs is essential everyday even if you’re taking a break from real life.

3) Facial Mist: Use on the beach or poolside for instant refresher and nutrients for your skin. Dual use: leave your makeup finishing spray or powder at home and just use your facial mist after makeup application to seal the deal!

4) Body Lotion: With aloe vera is a plus! Summer getaways always attract a sunburn so be prepared to soothe your skin.

5) Shampoo & Conditioner: We all know how painful trying to use a hotel size shampoo and conditioner can be. Travel prepared with your own travel size shampoo and conditioner to bring a little home comfort to your hotel.

6) Daily Hair Products: Don’t try to use unfamiliar hair products just because that’s what’s available in travel size. Go to a local pharmacy, purchase travel size empty cosmetic containers and fill them with whatever hair styling product you use: gel, hairspray, leave in conditioner, wax, etc. This way you won’t compromise having a bad hair day while on vacation!

7) Facial Cleansing Cloths: From post-flight to post-beach these cloths will cleanse you and pick up your mood in an instant!

8) That One Special Product: Whether it’s a travel size mint facemask, or a 3 oz. or less facial serum, or argan oil do remember to pack that one product that will make you feel like you are indulging yourself while on vacation. After all, isn’t that what going on vacation all about- you time?

The most important thing to remember when packing up your travel size items and zipping up your quart size zip lock bag is to remember to have fun! You’ve packed your beauty essentials to remain your flawless self-while on vacation, but remembering to relax and have fun will make you look more beautiful than any product can while on your escape!

Blog courtesy of: Beauty Press

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