Beauty Press – Topic of the week: Innovative Packaging

Beauty Press – Topic of the week: Innovative Packaging

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Let’s be honest.. cosmetics packaging can definitely influence a purchase..

Squeeze, pump, snap, pull! There are countless ways cosmetic brands try to stay ahead of their time to provide the newest, most compelling packaging to their products. Forget about formulation, the packaging of a product is a science in itself.

100% recyclable, biodegradable, airless, are all terms tired and true for cosmetics in today’s age, but what’s new for the future of cosmetic packaging? Is it modular make-up? Modular make-up comes in a customizable case where you can click your favorite products into it creating your own personal palette. Nanotechnology is already used in some cosmetic packaging, and will definitely have a rise in popularity as the year’s progress. Nanotechnology can give consumers certainty in a product’s performance through features that prove productivity.

Comfort and convenience, two words for packaging that will always resonate with the consumer. Think stackable cosmetic products for convenience or dual-purpose products. What’s more comfortable than a compact with grips to hold it steady and for no more shaky hands while looking at the small mirror?  Or just look at M.A.C.’s last designer collaboration where the lipstick bullets were covered in luxuriously soft black velvet.

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