Beauty Throughout the Ages

Beauty Throughout the Ages

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1920’s “It Girl” Clara Bow

In my opinion, the most interesting and entertaining trends are the ones influenced by past eras. In the fashion and beauty industry, knowing about the history and culture that these eras left is key to create looks that flatter and inspire others in the future.

Who considers himself an artist, should know that a great deal of our inspiration are trends left behind by our ancestors.

These are some tips to get the looks: 

For a 1920’s look: Check out Louise Brooks, Clara Bow and Marion Davies; they were some of the most iconic girls of that time and were the pioneers of the famous bobbed hair with finger waves. With today’s conveniences you don’t have to have short hair to wear a nice finger wave, now you can achieve this look using hot curling irons. To complete this look, wear a dark lipstick. Bam!

For a 1950’s look: Go for more pale and pastel hues; use delicate foundations using powders to set everything. Use pinks and reds for lipstick. Little eye shadow, concentrate on your lashes with a great mascara.

For a 1960’s look: add some drama to your eyes and go for a paler lip colour. Get inspired with personalities like Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick, who are known for sporting this look.

For a 1970’s look: Have fun with your hair by doing some braids or go for a sleek hairstyle. As for the makeup, try to keep it very simple with neutral colours and fresh skin. The trend was to draw more attention to the dramatic eyes so they chose lip gloss or frosted lipstick in very muted shades of pink, peach or even nude.

For a 1980’s – 1990’s look: go for big sexy hair. Get inspired and put some hot rollers in. Use colourful eye shadows and get ready to rumble.

Most every makeup looks you see nowadays have some hints of the past decades in them, whether it be subtle or in your face, they are still around!

The gorgeous “Twiggy”

Faye Smith

Makeup & Hair

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