The Beginning of Faye's Favs…

The Beginning of Faye's Favs…

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Super exciting news!! In the next couple weeks we will be introducing “Faye’s Favorites” to all of you!

First item on the list, has to go to our beloved Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray with medium finish.

Why Faye loves it: “This is my absolute favourite working and smoothing spray. It adds shine without making the hair greasy looking, and take’s away fly aways and frizz. Be careful while using the spray because by using too much, it can make your hair oily and weighed down.”

Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray is an overall great product. It doesn’t leave that nasty crunchy feeling that you get with other hairsprays, and does have a strong (but pleasant) scent to it. (Keep in mind – some like it, some don’t.)

Something else really cool? You are now able to purchase this product for $20 directly through Faye! Contact her now to get your bottle of this great product, and stay tuned to learn more about what products Faye swears by!

Faye Smith
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Blog By: Shayla Rose

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