Book in for your complimentary Vasanti Cosmetics Makeover!

Book in for your complimentary Vasanti Cosmetics Makeover!

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Book in for your complimentary Vasanti Cosmetics Makeover!



Have your heard about Vasanti Cosmetics? If not, why not?! Vasanti is a 100% canadian makeup line aimed at all women of all ages, skin types and skin tones. This line is for everybody! The products are light-weight and easy-to-use. Plus they are affordable! What more could a woman ask for?

I will personally be doing complimentary makeovers for all Vasanti Customers on Saturday 26th July 2010, from noon until 3pm. If I get a good response in terms of bookings, I will certainly request my demo time to be extended so we can fit more clients into my day.

Location: Rexall Drug Store, Tinseltown, 88 Pender Street West, Vancouver, BC, V6B6N9

How do you book your appointment?: Please call Clara at the beauty counter to book your appointment604.683.4244

Special Offer!: During my makeover session only, a special offer will be on to be entered to win a $50 gift voucher for wax hair removal bar! The lucky winner will be all set for bikini, beach and belinis this summer.

My 3 favourite products:
Eye WonderTriple Action Eye Treatment Cream – This product is my top seller! Ever client wants it! And I have it. I like to keep it cooling in my fridge to tackle puffy eyes first thing in the morning. Suffer with puffiness? Dark circles? Wrinkles? Don’t suffer with them yet but want to prevent it happening? This is your problem solver! With botanicals, peptide technology and active ingredients, this cream is selling short for what it is worth. Half the price of any comparable product! You have to have it!
Long Lash MascaraThe first mascara that doubles up as a growth and conditioning treatment! Its blacker than black! No clumps! No crisping! It actually conditions your eye lashes as you wear it making them soft and giving them a growth treatment! See longer lashes sooner than you could imagine.
Magic LinerWell this is magic! And completely wowed me when I saw it. I have it in my makeup kit and use it all the time. A daring bride just had a fantastic, bright purple liquid liner on the top of her eyes to give a pop in her style! Matching with her colour scheme, she couldnt look more perfect! Why is it magic? It is the first liquid eye liner that can make every single colour you want it to… How? You dip it into any eye shadow, loose powder or shimmer and it turns into a liquid eye liner! Perfect! You pop it back into the container, it cleans and disinfects itself ready for the next colour!

Thinking about booking in for your complimentary makeover now?

I thought so!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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