A Brit in Whistler

A Brit in Whistler

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I absolutely love this wedding photo’s from Sam’s wedding day, they are so beautiful!


 As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Whistler Blackcomb is such an amazing location for any engagement shoot or weddings, and this Bride, Sam (a fellow Brit!) decided to have her wedding at the Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler.

FayeSmith_Bridesmaid FayeSmith_Bridesmaids

Myself and Mary from Faye Smith Makeup & Hair worked in association with Beauty Calls Mobile Makeup Service to make this bride and her wedding party “wedding day ready.” We decided to only use a couple individual lashes instead of strip lashes to make the eyes pop on camera.


FayeSmith_Garter FayeSmith_GettingHitched FayeSmith_Makeup

On your wedding day, you should choose a wedding hairstyle that you, as the bride feel pretty in. Ladies, here’s a quick tip for you all – Curling your hair for your wedding day is a great idea, but elaborate on that! Don’t just stick with all your hair curled and down, it’s too plain for your wedding day, and it’s something that can be done everyday! Sam decided she wanted her hair curled, but also out of her face. We added some hair extensions, and teased the top  to add a little more volume and we were thrilled with the outcome.

FayeSmith_Married FayeSmith_MotherDaughter FayeSmith_Motherinlaw

Yes Ladies – Even the Mother of the Bride (and Groom!) can get their makeup and hair done as well!

FayeSmith_Motherofthebride FayeSmith_Wedding



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