Burberry at Vancouver’s Nordstrom

Burberry at Vancouver’s Nordstrom

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Because we definitely needed another place to blow our money on makeup… 😉
A while back Faye got invited to the Nordstrom Vancouver opening day by Burberry.. she invited Mika from Mika Does Makeup and The Studio by Mika Does Makeup along with me. They were greeted at the main entrance to Nordstrom and escorted to the Burberry counter where we were greeted again. Faye got “Burberized” by one of Burberry’s more senior artists (working for Burberry for 8 years). Not only did Faye get to check out the brand new Nordstrom location but she also learnt a lot about the “Burberry Look” and line. The looks is extremely soft and smokey. No harsh lines. Everything is completely blended including liner and lips! The overall look is very natural and effortless.

Fate being “Burberized”

Faye was sent away with a goodie bag with some perfume and their highlighter pen which she is exremely excited to use on herself and clients.

Keep your eyes peeled for product review blogs amd do yourself a favor and go check out the new Nordstrom Vancouver location! You will not be dissapointed!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose

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