Caitie and Jeff’s big day!

Caitie and Jeff’s big day!

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Caitie  is one of our most special brides…
Reason being Caitie was the very first member of Faye Smith Makeup & Hair back in 2010 when Faye first began to grow into a team.

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Caitie and Faye worked on hundreds of weddings together. enjoyed birthdays together, and Caitie has since gotten Faye some amazing gigs with big name hair companies such as Davines.

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We continue to both flourish in our careers, and meet so many amazing makeup and hair styists so Faye was beyond honoured when Caitie asked our team to style her makeup for her wedding day.

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The trial was almost pointless as she put 100% trust Faye me to come up with the design. As always, the look ended up more amazing than the trial for the wedding day.
(Not to mention trials with friends is always a fun time 😉 )


Caitie is so fun, loving and appreciative, and in Faye’s words –  ‘it was a pleasure to spend her wedding morning with her, her friends and family.”

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