Captured by Chelzea

Captured by Chelzea

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Captured by Chelzea
…in association with Modern Basic Beauty Supply

The process of creation with the images you see in this blog was far from the usual routine.

This was a small competition held at Modern Basic Beauty Supply in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Myself and 4 other amazing artists were given the chance to roam around the beauty supply store and pick absolutely any and as many products as we wanted and needed to use to create a spectacular makeup design. This was every aritsts dream!


Charlene Sierakowski was my model of choice. I absolutely love Charlene! 6ft4 with white blonde hair and the most unique features I have ever seen! I have worked with Charlene since I was a student! She modeled for me for my prosthetics exam at Blanche Macdonald and the results still take my breath away. For a woman transformed into a reptile, she sure does make it look elegant and fashionable! I also worked with Charlene during the ITM Model Search 2010 at the pre-contest photo shoot and final night catwalk.

I would like to thank Maria Salcedo for the creation of the amazing dress that was used in this photo shoot. Every single Origami flower was hand made and hand sewn by Maria. I have also worked with Maria in the past on a Lady Gaga inspired photo shoot where she created the most wild and extravagant garments. I know who to call when I am looking for an unusual costume design!

Our photographer was Chelzea (Captured by Chelzea). Chelzea was absolutely amazing to work with. I loved her enthusiasm! She made me feel so proud of my work and excited about having it photographed. She loved my model, Charlene! Inspiration was flying through the air!

I would finally like to thank Modern Basic Beauty Supply for hosting this event. It was a a wonderful experience giving me the opportunity to work with new, amazing and talented people in Vancouver.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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