Carny Love Clothing

Carny Love Clothing

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I got hooked up with a fantastic job as the makeup and hair artist to work on set of a promotional photo shoot for a local designer, Carny Love Clothing by Christie Clayton. I am sure you will all recognise Christie from Project Runway Canada. I know since doing the shoot I have noticed her in a few episodes and got a little excited that I had worked with her. She is such a down to earth, relaxed client to work for. She knew exactly what she wanted for the hair and makeup designs and communicated them to me very well.

Great communication meant a fast application! Two very different models to wear the same look. Both to be bronzed beauties. Very nude and natural. Yet completely over done with the bronzer and highlighter. A natural blush colour for the lips with a hint of gloss. Nothing insane. This shoot was all about the clothes!

Christie actually works out of the studio that is right next door to La Novia Bridal Parlour which is a bridal company I have been a part of since January 2010. That is actually how I landed the job with Carny Love. La Novia rented out her makeup and hair space to Chrisite and at the same time, offered my makeup and hair services! How much more perfect can that have worked out!


I unfortunately couldn’t stay for the photo shoot as I had to scoot off to my next job. I got a glimpse of the first look but was intregued how the rest went. I love the shots! Great job to everyone involved!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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