Cat & Gavin’s Wedding

Cat & Gavin’s Wedding

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Cat & Gavin’s Wedding


This was probably my most challenging bridal booking so far in my career as a makeup and hair artist. The bride and her maids were fantastic! Friendly and easy to please. The perfect clients in my books! We had done the consultation months ago and knew exactly how things were going to pan out. The challenging part was the call-time. 2am! In Maple Ridge! I live in Vancouver. Meaning I had to leave my home at 1am to get there on time. Meaning I had to get up at midnight in order to be dressed and readily prepared by 1am for my pick-up…

I had already had a long day at work on the 2nd day of production for the Circus West performance that I was the key makeup artist for. We wrapped up for the performance around 7pm and I was home by 8pm and trying to take a little sleep on the softa. I struggle to switch my mind off to sleep on the best of day, let alone when I know I have to be up in a few hours! I even tried sleeping with my makeup on so I could wake up a little later but…I just find that uncomfortable! Ive been known to have nightmares about falling asleep with my makeup on! Is that weird…?


Cindy Chan, the makeup artist for the wedding, picked me up at 1am as planned. The drive was long but I chose not to sleep. We arrived early and went for a quick morning coffee at Tim Horton’s. Tim never fails to spruce you in those times of need!

Arriving at our bride, Cat’s home at 1am, we set up and began rolling all 4 bridesmaids hair into hot rollers or if they had a thicker hair type, I chose to use a curling iron for tighter curls. They all had matching hair. Curls. Side part. Curls pull across the right shoulder and pinned to the side. A beautiful, modern, youthful yet classy look. I actually got the bridesmaids ready almost an hour early and hung around chatting for a little while. The mother-of-the-bride was next in line for her hair styling but we thought it was best to let her sleep as much as she could.

We woke her up around 4am and began straightening and smoothing her hair. Side part. Bangs swept to the side. I did a half up-do with some detail around the back. Unfortunately I can’t track down a picture of it but it looked fantastic!

We woke our bride, Cat, up at around 5am and I began the lengthy process of curling her hair using a curling iron. I wanted the curls smooth, shiny and tight. This meant lots hair and spray and smoothing before putting the curling iron to it. I left some of the bangs out so I could make a swoopy fringe/bang with them. Once the hair was all curled and yet another coating of hair spray was applied, I began sweeping, smoothing and pinning the hair into a big, curly bun to the side. I began encorporating the swooped bangs into the bun, pinning and spraying it into a secure position. Luckily for me, Cat’s bangs had grown considerably since her consultation which helped me a lot! I was so so happy with the results and I think Cat looks fantastic!


Cindy Chan, the makeup artist for this wedding, then finished off our day by applying Cat’s makeup. 6am at this point, we were finally complete and Cat was ready for her special day.

Photography by Ian Chain

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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