Chelsea Hailes Photography

Chelsea Hailes Photography

Chelsea Hailes Photography

Who is Chelsea Hailes?

A lady who pays attention to the the finest details in every aspect of her work. A lady who cherishes her talent and takes pride in what she does, showcasing nothing but perfection. This is a true artist.

I began working with Chelsea toward the end of 2009. We met for coffee and talked business. I loved her ideas and the passion she had for her work. I knew this was someone I would enjoy working with. Someone completely on my level!

We organised a collaboration to be sure we would work well together. The images from that photoshoot are now showcased in my beauty portfolio as well previous blog postings. The shots are amazing! I adore them!

Chelsea is currently finalising the details for her official website. You will see the images featured in this blog along with my biography and interview questions and answers on her official site. The effort that Chelsea has put into ever detail of her work amazes me! She impresses me more and more every time I work with her.

Shots from our latest collaboration are soon to be released! Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing boudoir shots!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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