Chelsea Hailes Photography

Chelsea Hailes Photography

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Chelsea Hailes Photography


I began contact with Calgarian photographer, Chelsea Hailes, when noticing her casting call on a site I have been joined up to for over a year now. That site is modelmayhem. A site regularly mentioned in my blog. A site that is quite honestly and truely, a big part of the creation and achievement of producing my fantastically distinct and eye catching portfolio, which has led me to great success as a makeup and hair artist.

Chelsea Hailes is an amazingly talented photographer, who originated from Calgary, Alberta. Moving to Vancouver only a year ago, Chelsea is now taking it in her stride to make sure her career as a photographer will boom this winter. In order to do that, she needed a team.


Chelsea was in search of a makeup and hair artist who had the same level of talent, attention to detail and general passion for the beauty and fashion industry as she does. Wishing to specialise in Boudoir, myself and Chelsea began working together by collaborating on a small and relevant project, in order to show potential clients exactly what we can do and how we are different to others alike.


Well I can tell you first hand, I have a worked with hundreds of photographers in my 3years as a makeup and hair artist. Some good, some not so good, some amazing, some outstanding! Viewing Chelsea’s portfolio before connecting with her, I knew she had what it takes to create those “wow” pictures that I love.

For our photo shoot, I decided to do something different. I concentrated on creating an outstanding hair style and kept the makeup delicate and simple, something I don’t often do. If you have seen my work, I am sure you know how extravagant and complex I can take my makeup designs.

Look how flawlessy gorgeous our model, Melina Csontos is in these photographs. She looks like a professional model! She looks like she should be seen on the cover of Vogue or strutting down a Victoria Secrets cat walk! Well…we can do this to you to!

Feel free to contact Chelsea to book your photo shoot and be sure to request Faye Smith as your makeup and hair artist. Be creative with your ideas and let us give you a day you won’t forget!

Makeup & Hair Artist – Faye Smith
Photographer & Stylist – Chelsea Hailes
Model – Melina Csontos

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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