Cherry Blossoms with Denise Lin Photography

Cherry Blossoms with Denise Lin Photography

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I worked with photographer Denise Lin last year during a wedding we were both working on. She was so cute and I loved meeting her. We exchanged cards and an email to follow.


Denise was kind enough to email me some sneak peak images from the wedding and it shocked me how amazing they were! No offence to wedding photographers, but wedding images are not often that interesting in regards to the complexity of the photography.


I love the colouring that Denise used in her post production. The images were soft and angelic. There was something very elegant and beautiful about them. Almost artistic.


When I received an email from Denise asking if I would be interested in collaborating with her on a Cherry Blossom themed photo shoot, I was thrilled at the idea. I would love to have more of her work in my portfolio!


Our fantastic South African model is Lauren Janine who I had a blast talking to. I had  not long been back from my three week trip around South Africa so we had tons to talk about =]


Lauren was a stunning canvas to work on and although she is not a professional model, she could be! I love that she used her dancing background to aid her modeling during the photo shoot. I love the shots of her prancing around, climbing trees and having fun. So cute!


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair