Cinderella 2: The Fairy Tale Continues

Cinderella 2: The Fairy Tale Continues

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Cinderella 2: The Fairy Tale Continues

I received a call from Gail Ruginis, the artist behind the creations of Mad Cat Professional Services, in regards to an assistant position she had open for the makeup applications for the large cast of Cinderella 2: The Fairy Tale Continues, set to run at The Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, BC in October 2010.

With the call being such short notice and my schedule being so hectic at the time, I was ufortunately unable to attend the full duration of the show, but did manage to make it out there for 2 of the days!

Gail was a magician with that airbrush! Small children were coming in to the makeup room and leaving in full character makeup within 5 minutes…or even less! It was amazing! I learnt so much from Gail. Having over 30 years experience as a makeup artist…there was so much that she had to teach me.

I walked in on the first day with no idea of how many cast members there were, the age of the cast members, the story line, the makeup designs…I was clueless!

Gail instructed me with precision. With less than 2 hours to create over 30 completely different characters and numerous, full character-changes throughout the show, there was no time to hesitate. It was go go go!

After the morning show, we had a short half an hour break. I would go and eat…but Gail would drive around trying to find places to buy more airbrush paint! Once returned, we had less than an hour to re-do and/or touch up every single characters makeup, ready for the afternoon performance.

Although this show proved to be stressful at the time, it was extremely rewarding to see our wonderful actors and actresses shine on stage!

Faye Smith Makeup & Hair Artistry under the key of Gail Ruginis from Mad Cat Professional Services

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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