Circus Themed Photo Shoot

Circus Themed Photo Shoot

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Circus Themed Photo Shoot

An early morning phone call from a client will never be ignored. Keely Remillard called asking if I happened to have availability that same day, to do her makeup for a circus themed photo shoot that she had planned last minute. As an experienced circus performer, she would normally do her own makeup, but who wants the stress of doing their own makeup anyway!


Keely had found my website when searching on google for circus makeup artists in Vancouver. She had found the link to two of my blogs that are circus related; key makeup artist for Circus West Kids and personal makeup artist for Cirque Eloize.

After reading about my experiences with circus makeup and browsing through my portfolios to see the level of creativity I can let my mind go to, she knew it was worth calling to see if I happened to be available. If you dont ask, youll never find out…

I actually didnt have a booking until the evening that day. Keely and her photographer, Eileen, had flexibility for the time of the shoot so it was all working out perfectly! Keely came to my apartment late afternoon to get her makeup applied. I allowed myself a lengthy amount of time to let my mind wander creating something wild, abstract, bright and beautiful!

Keely gave me complete freedom with the design of the makeup. She knew I knew what I was doing and after taking a look at her costumes to get a feel of the colour palette we were working with, I simply let my hand, brush and mind run wild.

I knew Keely would come up with the most amazing poses and she really did push herself to the limit. I adore these photographs! The emotion, the character, the colour! Fantastic work!

Photography by Eileen Whitmore, Silver Skies Photography

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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