Clarins 2014 "Ladylike" Collection

Clarins 2014 "Ladylike" Collection

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“No shimmer, no sparkle. The essentials this season are matte. Tones of nude,
beige and auburn echo the autumn light. Velvety, comfortable textures.
Eyes adopt the Ombre Matte attitude: six new eyeshadows with a unique
“cream-powder” texture and matte finish. Make-up that brings elegance
and makes all the difference. It’s the trend to follow with your eyes closed!
The complexion, eyes and lips harmonize, to captivate and charm.
A chic allure that’s natural, so feminine… so Ladylike.” – Clarins 

Woohoo! New Autumn collections! It’s always exciting as a makeup artist (or just woman in general) when one of our favourite makeup companies comes out with a new collection, and we are beyond excited to get our hands on some of these new products!

Check out some of the products from the “Ladylike” Collection Below!

Perfect Eyes and Brow Palette

There’s no doubt in the world that every woman wants the perfect brows. We’ve all seen the pictures of the women with caterpillars for eyebrows, or worse, a Sharpie drawn where their eyebrow should be.
This palette looks amazing! According to the Clarins website, the eyebrow shades can also be used as eyeshadow to accentuate the eyes, and the palette comes with a “application and plucking technique” how-to card! (Genius!)

The Palette comes with three powder eyebrow shades to define the brow line, a nude pink eyeshadow to help illuminate the eyes, as well as transparent wax to “tame and fix unruly eyebrows all day long” AND a double shadow applicator, brush to help tame those bad boys, and mini tweezers! (Umm.. Amazing!)
Ladies – with this palette, there’s no excuse for bad brows.

Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base

Oooh boy does this product have a lot to live up to! With so many amazing eye primers out there, this one must be able to beat the existing primers, or be just as great!
According to Clarins, the perfecting base offers “an ultrasoft, universal eye makeup base which illuminates, smooths and protects the eyelids while improving makeup hold.”
Like I mentioned, there are so many eyeshadow bases out in the industry at the moment, some of our favourites include the MAC Painterly Paint Pot, and the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I can’t wait to get hold of this product to see how it measures up to my current “must haves!”

There are a ton more products which we can’t wait to try out, to see the rest, check out Clarins website for the Ladylike Collection here.

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