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Claudette Carracedo Photography

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Claudette Carracedo

Helen Kung is a bride who had begun communication with me much earlier this year. She had noticed my name in one of the Jacqueline Conoir Winter/Fall Fashion Shows that I had been the key makeup artist for. She wanted me as her makeup and hair stylist for her wedding that was set to take place at the end of August 2010. I was of course, more than happy to take her on as a client.

As I do with all of my brides, I met with Helen for coffee a chat prior to booking her consultation. It is always nice to get to know your artist and make sure you are on the same wave length. Helen loves fashion and had planned to do a number of outfit changes during her wedding day and wanted to include a makeup and hair change in her package. I thought it was a great idea and we spoke over looks and ideas for her.


She had mentioned a boudoir photo shoot she had got lined up and I suggested that we held her consultation on the morning of her shoot date. This way, she can see how the makeup and hair photographs in professional pictures. Her photographer was a friend of hers named Claudette Carracedo. I am always excited to work with new talent and  looked forward to the shoot date.

I had decided to book my hair stylist, Caitanna Hoffart, to work alongside me at this wedding. I knew Helen had some big ideas so I thought it might work best to have two seperate artists working at once. This way we could get our beautiful bride made up twice as fast as well as having the advantage of being able to concentrate on one or the other, (makeup or hair).

The shoot date was soon here and myself and Caitie arrived together, bright and early. We sat with our photographer, Claudette, and made great conversation until Helen arrived. Claudette was just breaking out into the industry, so we all had much to talk about and got on really well.


Once Helen arrived, we briefly spoke over her ideas and expectations and got moving onto the application swiftly. We had decided to try both looks during the consultation and photo shoot to be sure Helen was happy and confident with us for both the inital application and the look change. Although we had originally planned to go with very high fashion hair and makeup designs, after seeing Helen’s beautiful dresses, we decided to keep the look traditional and classic. Noone wants to look back at their photographs and regret the over done look they had chosen.

Claudette’s photography is fantastic! Beautiful and certainly unique. I am thrilled to have had the chance to work with and look forward to seeing Helen again on the big day!

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