"Beauty"ful Ways to use Coconut Oil

"Beauty"ful Ways to use Coconut Oil

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There’s no doubt that Coconut Oil has become a “must have” house hold item for women recently. There are endless uses for this product, and below are our “Coconut Oil Beauty Secrets.”

Uses of Coconut Oil for your Hair :
Anti Frizz – the natural oil helps repel water (which causes Frizz)
Intense Hair Conditioner – the fatty acids in the oil help soften hair. Apply by rubbing a small amount of Coconut oil together in your hands, and apply from root to tip, and wash your hair twice after
Adding Shine – apply a tiny amount to your ends. Using too much will result in your hair looking greasy

Uses of Coconut Oil for your Skin:
Sunburns – we’ve all had one, and by applying coconut oil to your burn, it will lock in the moisture and heal the burn
Massage Oil – while getting a massage, the increased circulation helps revitalize the tissue, therefore the oil applied seeps into your skin, keeping it smooth, soft and moisturised.
Body Scrub – instead of going to the drug store and spending money on endless body scrubs, there are many different “DIY” ways to create your own Cocount Oil Body Scrub. By mixing coconut oil and sugar – you instantly have a great exfoliating and moisturising body scrub
Night Cream – the fatty acids in the oil help reinforce your skins lipid barrier which results in hydration
Make Up Remover – apply the coconut oil to a cotton pad and rub all over (even helps get off that “stuck-on” mascara!) after you are finished removing the make up, wash your face as you normally would.

Other Uses for Coconut Oil : 
Deodorant – by mixing coconut oil, arrowroot powder, corn starch, basking soda and a scented oil of your choice, you will come out with a deodorant that actually works!
Lip Balm – by using coconut oil on your lips, it creates a barrier and locks the moisture in resulting in smooth, moisturized lips.
Breath Freshener – coconut oil is filled with anti fungul and anti bacterial properties. By gargling a spoonful of the oil for 20 minutes (yes..that long) it results in fresher breath, whiter teeth and healthier gums.
Nails – Coconut oil is anti fungul,  that being said..the coconut oil makes the nails strong, and helps keep the cuticles soft. Apply the oil twice a day to your cuticles to see an improvement
Brush Cleaner – You should be washing your brushes often, and by mixing two parts cleanser, and 1 part coconut oil, will result in an easy “DIY” brush cleaner.

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