Commitment Film

Commitment Film

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Commitment Film

FayeSmith_Rahul Singh
Presented by Rtiger Productions and Vivamantra Films Inc.
Written and Directed by Raahul Singh
Star actor, Parm Soor, as seen in 2012
Key Makeup & Hair Artist, Faye Smith
Assistant Makeup Artist, Kristina Wood
and more…

“Commitment”, written, directed and produced by Raahul Singh, produced by Baljit Sangra (Vivamantra Films Inc., Warrior Boyz) and co-produced by Grace Chin (TF Productions, The C-Word).

“Commitment” features the cinematography of the talented Brendan Uegama ( and the colourful production design of Javier Badillo, along with local South Asian Canadian actors Dhirendra (Partition, Jinnah on Crime), Parm Soor (2012, Little Mosque on the Prairie), Balinder Johal (Heaven on Earth), Patricia Isaac (Daydream Nation, 16 Wishes), Raahul Singh (The Guru, Bollydouble), and introduces Almeera Jiwa (Bard on the Beach). The stellar cast, excellent screenplay and solid production team set a promising standard for upcoming Rtiger Productions projects.


It was an absolute pleasure to have been the key makeup and hair artist to work on the 3 day production of Commitment Film. A short western meets bollywood movie written and produced by Raahul Singh.

With a large cast and crew on board, I was relieved to have Kristina Wood as my assistant makeup artist.
Applying airbrushed makeup to every single actor, actress and background person with the finish of bright and beautiful indian bridal eye designs for the women was certainly a task with the time limit we were working within.

I’d like to thank every single person involved in the creation of Commitment Film. Early mornings and late nights are only fun with a hard working and easy going cast and crew. We certainly had both of those in our team!

The commercial is viewable at and has been entered into numerous film festivals. We have high hopes for Commitment Film in 2011.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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