Creampuffs by GG

Creampuffs by GG

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Creampuffs by GGFayeSmith_CreamPuffsbyGG
I met GG, the creative mind behind Creampuffsbygg, at the Eco Fashion Show and Convenction in early 2009. Myself and my classamate, Carmen Balandrin, had volunteered as makeup artists for Affera Cosmetics who was the makeup sponsor of the fashion show.


We spotted the Creampuffs from a mile off! We loved them! So vintage and chic. We got chatting to GG and absolutely loved her! What a big personality. Naturally, we exchanged business cards and I later sent GG an email to remind her of me.


After a year went by I received an email from GG. She had been following me on facebook and twitter and noticed the progression in my career as a makeup and hair artist. She wanted me on board for her first promo photo shoot. It’s a done deal GG!

The shoot was fantastic and the day was an absolute blast. The shots from the shoot are slowly being released and in this blog you can see three of them. Just a tease for all you lingerie lovers!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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