Danielle & Erick’s Wedding

Danielle & Erick’s Wedding

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Danielle & Erick’s Wedding

Danielle was scheduled to come for her bridal hair and makeup consultation with me at The Studio by Mika Does Makeup. We spent several hours together tweaking the look until it was perfect. Danielle sure was a fun bride to spend time with. We certainly didn’t run out of conversation.

Myself and fellow makeup artist, Leah Roberts, arrived at Danielle & Erick’s new home in Vancouver, bright and early. We had a few moments to quietly set up and prepare for the morning as Daniell’s bridal party slowly arrived.

Danielle’s two bridesmaids were her hockey gal’s and let me tell you, the jokes were crackin’ from left right and centre. These ladies had me in stitches!

Danielle’s mom was an absolute blast! Sharing stories from her child hood. This lady has had one amazing life! I loved hearing about it.
Our departure called for hugs all around. I felt like part of the family for a moment. I love being able to spend this precious moments with my brides. These are the moments I live for. I love my job!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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