Dione’s Wedding

Dione’s Wedding

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Dione’s Wedding


Dione contacted Mink Makeup & Hair only two weeks prior to her wedding day, distressed at the fact that her original makeup artist had double booked herself, and was no longer available for her!  Panic! “Mink Makeup, find someone to look after me!”


Right after I got the call from Mink, I phoned Dione to begin discussing design ideas with her. We scheduled a trial for as soon as possible. Weddings are stressful as it is! I would suspect not having a makeup artist this close to the big day would be stopping her from sleeping at night! Every girl wants to look and feel like a princess of her wedding day. Faye to the rescue!


I had Dione come over to my studio where we would have plenty of space and natural light to make the most of during her trial. Plus,  my amazing and comfortable directors chair for her to sit in! I always find trials at my studio to run miraculously smooth with an amazing end result and one happy bride!


Dione knew every fine detail of what she wanted. She is a makeup lover, knowing all the tricks of the trade. I have worked with a bride so sure of what she wants. It was quite refreshing. I didn’t have to do any thinking. Dione led me, and I followed. We went with a grey, champagne and purple cat eye, with many little details to add to the mix!


The big day came around in no time. Dione were to have an early evening wedding, which meant we had plenty of time to get everything done. No early morning for this babe! Girls need their beauty sleep, especially on a day like today!


I arrived at Dione’s apartment late afternoon, right after her and her two bridesmaid had finished up relaxing at the spa, getting their nails done. I got to meet Dione’s two dogs which were later dressed up in orange bows – so cute! I am such a huge dog lover so I had fun playing with the dogs while the girls took turns to freshen up with a quick shower.


I would typically do the brides makeup last so it is the most fresh on departure, however, on this occasion, we decided to get Dione dolled up first. Dione’s makeup would take a little longer than her bridesmaids, so we wanted to be sure I had enough time for a calm and relaxed application.


We were on more of a time crunch by the time Dione was finished getting her hair and makeup styled. I sped up to get her bridesmaid beautified, although keeping the quality of my work high, of course! We went from plenty of time, to no time! Get a move on girls!


I got to stick around to watch Dione get into her dress and take some pictures with her bridesmaids and dogs before she left. Weddings are always very emotional but I had such a great connection with Dione that this wedding was particularly touching to be a part of. My heart tingled as I witnessed Dione go through her roller coaster of excitement. Time to leave! This is really happening!


Off she went in her beautiful dress, with her beautiful shoes, her beautiful jewellery, her beautiful makeup, her beautiful hair, her beautiful purse and her beautiful perfume. With her beautiful bridesmaids by her side. And her beautiful dogs running behind her. Stunning! Dione had personally designed her wedding day, every fine detail of it! Down to the T. Nothing was missed. And what a fantastic job she did! I have seen many weddings, but this one impressed me!


I have since bumped into Dione and her new husband leisurely. A funny coincidence! It was wonderful to meet her husband and catch up with hearing a little review on how the wedding day went. I got reunited with the lovely doggies again. I am truly happy to have met Dione during this memorable moment in her life. I shall hold on to my fond memories of her and pass her story along to future brides.


Here are a few more images for you to enjoy.



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