Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeups

Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeups

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Halloween can be as stressful as it is amazing. You have to find a party/event, come up with a unique costume, find/make the costume and hope for the best. If you’re still scrambling for a fresh costume this halloween, here are a few fun last minute ideas that you can easily accomplish without straying to far outside of the comfort of your own makeup bag


Snap Chat Deer

Snap chat’s deer filter has allowed us all to fully embrace our own spirit animal. Fortunately this halloween you can bring the filter to life with few easy steps.

What you need: White eyeliner, white eyeshadow, black eyeliner, orange eye shadow, false lashes

Get the look: Start with normal foundation and contour, brows, and lip balm. Using your orange eyeshadow, dust circles on the apples of your cheeks, as well as your brow and half way down your nose. Remove any excess or misplaced powder by brushing it away with a brush loaded with translucent powder. Using the eye pencils, draw and fill in the nose area. Then with a Q-tip and some makeup remover (or water) remove the orange shadow  form the areas where the white spots will go on your brow and fill them in with the white eye pencil. Apply the white eyeshadow over your lids and fill in your lower water line with white eyeliner. Apply black eyeliner to your upper lids and then apply false lashes. Make a set of ears, finish with a setting spray like Skindinavia’s finishing spray and ewe’re good to go!

Extra points for: Dressing up as Kim Kardashian and North West using the deer filter 


Post Apocalyptic Donald Trump

Plenty of people have made grim predictions about what would happen if Donald Trump were to win the upcoming election. Give the world a glimpse into one possible future with a lot of bronzer and a little bit of creativity.

What you need: Bronzer/Foundation 4-6 shades too dark, Light concealer, black eyeshadow, a wicked combover and an old suit (red power tie is a must)

Get the look: Start by taking the concealer and applying under your eye and over your eyelids. Apply bronzer/foundation the the rest of your face, neck and ears, avoiding the eye area. Powder well. Sparingly dust on black eyeshadow on a few points of the face where dirt or ash would logically accumulate in an apocalyptic scenario (bridge of nose, around the eyes, cheekbones). As you apply the black powder, make sure to wrinkle your face up for added realism. Rip and singe your outfit, comb over your hair, and get out there and make halloween great again!! (Disclaimer: If you’re singeing your outfit, do so outside and use fabrics that will burn safely. Be safe!!)

Extra points for: Tattered “Make America Great Again” shirt or hat, tiny hands, or for the ladies, this


Eleven (Stranger Things)

If you haven’t seen stranger things yet, first of all let me congratulate you on what must have been a daring escape from a secret military testing facility. Eleven costumes are going to be all over the place this halloween, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try to be the best telekinetic pre-teen you can be:

What you need: Blood, matte burgundy eyeshadow, blue/green eyeshadow, 99% alcohol, a blonde wig, and a darling pink dress

Get the look: Start with regular foundation, a little extra contour on the sides of the face for that extra gaunt look. For a nosebleed that lasts all night, I recommend Blood Jam. Use a small amount of the blood jam to create a “nosebleed”, making sure to get a little around the rim of your nostril for realism. Use a small amount of your burgundy eye shadow (such as blackberry by MAC) under your eye and on the top line of your eyelid for a tired look. Dust or scrape a bit of your blue/green shadow ( like Deep Bottle Green by MAC) and mix it with a few drops of 99% alcohol. Paint your serial number ( 011 ) on your wrist with the diluted eye shadow and allow it to set. Finish with a setting spray like Skindinavia’s finishing spray

Extra points for: The whole squad, complete with radios and 10 speed bikes


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