A Engagement Photoshoot Prep with No Electricity!

A Engagement Photoshoot Prep with No Electricity!

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This lovely bride Stella was the winner of a Cherry Blossom engagement photoshoot hosted by Vancity Bride with myself and Denise Lin Photography, and it was one I will never forget!

To make a long story short, I had been working on location all day and when I arrived back at my studio
(two hours before Stella was due to arrive)
I realized all the electricity was shut off in our building!!
(I maaaayy have forgotten that I had read that sign earlier on in the week.)
I tried delaying the shoot by an hour in hope that the electricity would be back on before the time stated on the notification put up in our building… but it wasn’t.



The time had come and Stella and her fiancé Mike were outside, and because the electricity was shut off, the buzzer didn’t work so I met them downstairs. I then led them up our pitch black stairs and hallway using the light on my phone to lead the way. Luckily we have huge windows in our studio and it was a sunny day so I did Stella’s makeup first in hopes that the electricity would be back on by the time I had to start her hair.. but again, it wasn’t. Lucky for me, she wasn’t picky. I used my brain, got creative and made a beautiful fishtail braid into a textured updo. And of course – as I’m finishing her hair, the electricity came back on in perfect time for me to curl her bangs. Perfect!!

Despite the fact that we had no electricity while getting this gorgeous bride to be ready for her photo’s, I am extremely happy with how these photo’s turned out!



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