Esqido False Lashes

Esqido False Lashes

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There are a ridiculous amount of false lash companies, and Esqido Lashes has to be one of our favorites!

“Handcrafted from the softest and finest naturally shed mink hairs, our lashes are inexpicably natural looking. Combined with their beautiful curls, these ultra fine lashes give your eyes a natural lift.” – Esqido Website

Esqido lashes are made with a light & soft handcrafted cotton band which results in an easy to apply and comfortable pair of lashes you can wear all day long! With regular drugstore lashes, you can only use them a couple times (if that..) with Esqido lashes you can wear them upto 25 times! Esiqdo lashes has so many different styles you can choose from to enhance any makeup look!

Check out some of our favorite pairs of lashes below!

Unforgettable_1024x1024_large voila-lash_1024x1024_large

“Unforgettable lash” is on the left, and the amazing “Voila lash” is on the right.

Although these lashes are more expensive than other lashes, you are paying for amazing quality lashes that will last you such a long time!

Head to their website now as they have a mother’s day discount going on!

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